Our self-designed countryside getaway is a 45 min drive from Amsterdam, in the middle of nowhere. From the house you overlook the fields and dyke that surround the Markermeer: Holland in its purest form! You can sleep inside the Glass House (when the weather allows), a fantastic experience. The house is focused on a level of comfort but with fun, quirky details and a playful layout.

Ideal for 2 adults or a family with children.
Not advised for 2 couples.

Listing description

the space


The house is located on a Recreational Park, without communal spaces/activities. There is a parking area, and a car-free path leading to all houses. 


Entrance to the park is on the dyke - where you also find the private parking spaces (1 car per house - additional cars have to be parked on the dyke)

The house has been designed with a creative open space plan. Upon entering, you will arrive in a hallway (shoes off in the house please). From here you will continue into an open & light living room and kitchen space. There are big garden doors to let the light, the sun and the view inside. The lounge area can become a bedstay (optional 2-people pull-out bed with real mattresses).

After the parking area, you enter the path that leads to all the cottages. You can take a cart at the entrance for your luggage, please note they need to be returned a.s.a.p. after unloading.

The house is not far from the parking, on the right side of the path: a wood-color flat roof house "hidden" behind trees with black walls entrance.
The house is thoughtfully placed on 300m2 land, carefully designed & build around existing bushes and trees. There's a creek between the house and the field (guarded by a fence). There are trees and bushes around the lawn which surrounds the house and give a level of privacy (note that you ARE on a park, in between other holiday houses).

Venhuizen, Noord-Holland

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Other details to note
NO loud music allowed.
NO parties.
NO smoking.
NO drugs.
NO animals.
NO noise allowed on the path or on the parking lot.
NO tents allowed on the grass around the house.
NOT allowed to invite people to the house.
NOT allowed to have more people stay in the house than booked for.
CHECK-IN is at 16.00 - CHECK-OUT at 10.30

There are spiders, flies, ants... insects! YES, you are on the countryside.

Please also note that Internet is slow and not suitable for watching/downloading movies, only intended for checking in on emails. If you want to watch movies, make sure you download them at home already, to watch them here in the house. There are dvd's in the house that you can watch as well.

*It's only a minute walk to the big Markermeer Lake.
*Simply cross the street from the parking, walk up the dyke, and the big Markermeer lake opens up to you.
*When you walk some minutes to the right, you'll find a waterfront park, down at the lake, which is a great place for a picnic, to play with a kite, sunbath, and for a swim in the lake.
*A walk on the dyke is highly recommended in the evening, during sunset, as it gets a magical touch (or early morning...).
*The drive from the house/bungslow park to the city of Hoorn, while staying on the dyke next to the lake, is breathtaking. We love this small detour when we drive back to Amsterdam.
*There is a tiny picturesque village/community named Oosterleek (less then 100 inhabitants, there are no shops. You can walk to / through this village, also with kids (about a 20 min walk). Oosterleek is the resting place of the Wesfriese Omringdijk between the VOC towns of Hoorn and Enkhuizen.
*The dyke is the starting point for cycling or hiking through a varied landscape of orchards, colorful tulip fields, pastures with cattle and picturesque villages famous for the West Frisian bell farms.

Neighborhood description